Window Cleaners Leeds

Window Cleaning Leeds

Professional & reliable domestic window cleaners

Window Cleaners Leeds are experienced and professional window cleaner's providing a reliable domestic window cleaning service throughout Leeds at unbeatable prices.

We are fully insured and unlike many modern window cleaners we still use traditional window cleaning methods as well as long reach extendable water fed poles and purified water.

Traditional Window Cleaner Leeds

Traditional window cleaning means cleaning windows by hand.
Firstly, we apply a specialist glass cleaning solution to the window and scrub it clean using a handheld microfibre applicator.
Then the window is wiped clean with a squeegee which removes the solution.
This means we can use this method for ground floor windows ensuring you get the very best and most thorough window cleaning service in Leeds.

Pure Water Cleaning & Water Fed Poles

Window Cleaners Leeds offer the most up to date modern window cleaning using pure water and water fed poles.
What is pure water window cleaning?
Purified water goes through a filtration process which removes all minerals and hard water contaminants which would otherwise leave deposits on windows.
Pure water has many industrial uses including window cleaning because it dries to a crystal clear, sparkling finish.
Our Water fed poles reach up to 30 ft high and pure water is pumped up through the pole and sprayed onto the glass in a continuous stream while a specialist brush cleans the glass and the pure water rinses the glass clean.
We use this method for cleaning windows on the 1st and 2nd floor.

Window Cleaning Services In Leeds

Window Cleaners Leeds are the best value for money window cleaners in Leeds.
We guarantee the most competitive window cleaning prices and the highest standards of cleaning.

  • We combine traditional window cleaning with state-of-the-art pure water window cleaning.
  • We are fully insured for your protection and peace of mind.
  • We are only available for regular, ongoing window cleaning services.
  • We can clean ground floor windows windows the old fashion traditional by hand style but all 1st floor and above have to be cleaned via pure water window cleaning as we take health and safety of you and our workers seriously.
  • If ever you are unhappy with the clean we will immediately return and clean the effected windows again for free.
  • We are domestic and commercial window cleaners in Leeds
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